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So I’m watching Sister Wives on TLC and marveling about the intolerance that some people have. The Browns have started a business based on one of the wives designs under My Sisterwife’s Closet. They took their business to an expo where the Warren Jeffs cult existed (which may have not been the best bet for a starting expo) and there were a number of folks that bashed their way of life. Now, I can understand given the culture that resides in that particular area where the locals may not take to kindly to it. However, to pass judgement on a whole family who obviously love one another and do everything they can to make things work is absolutely wrong as well.

The same can be said for other groups as well. I see it within those that paint a the law enforcement community with a broad spectrum brush. I see it with those that are painting those for or against the Zimmerman/Martin controversy. I see it every day that people have opinions on groups of individuals, and honestly I wish there were more tolerance.

I know I’m not perfect. There have certainly been times where I could be more tolerant myself (Hello, Disney! Why do people insist on cutting of folks with strollers and/or young children or motorized scooters?!)  But it appalls me when I see a lack of tolerance against a whole community that is not hurting anyone.

Now, if your community promotes violence, lawlessness, or otherwise causes harm to others (or yourself), then I’m sorry, I have no tolerance for you. But to see someone say that they hate a family simply because they live a differing lifestyle then they do is appalling to me. Warren Jeffs is a monster and his lifestyle hurt others. The Brown family hurts no one. Their children are intelligent, nurtured and well-adjusted to the realities of not only their family but also how the outside world can and will look at them.

I only wish there was a little more tolerance. It would go a long way in this world I think….

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