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Restarting and Expansion

I’ve decided to restart this blog for a few reasons. I’ve been primarily blogging (when time allows) on my goth-centered, pop-culture type blog over at Professional Goth. But I’m finding, more and more, that though I have more lighthearted thing I want to promote there, particularly with aesthetic and pop-culture, I have also wanted to use my voice more with world events and things going on that are more of a heavy conversation. That just doesn’t fit there, but I think here it will do nicely. An area for growth, introspection and tackling of the topics that we generally prefer to avoid.

So let us begin.

I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. That the world as a whole swings like a pendulum between the grand and the horrific. We are human, after all and generally prone to the same fallacies, hubris and ego as well as the redemption, heroics and virtues. That also means that we will continually, collectively, stand at a crossroads. I believe we are there now. I believe that this generation, like the ones that have come before it, stands at the precipice of decision to who they are going to be. It’s a scary place for many. I know I, myself, am at best apprehensive and at worst terrified of what the next decade, the next 25, the next 50 years of my life will hold based on the decisions that are being made now.

It has become apparent that we need to stand up, raise our voices and take an active part on what is going on around us. Failure to do so, and to educate ourselves (on BOTH SIDES of any issue) so that we can make that educated choice means that we are complicit in what those outcomes will be – for good or ill. The scariest part, for me, is which side has the most movement and participation.

Moving forward, I can hope to provide those arguments, those viewpoints, those insights here for other of like-mindedness to appreciate and those of opposing-mindedness to ponder.

I will appreciate fact-driven, fact-proven discussion on what I post here regardless of what side it happens to be on. I will also require respect and an open-mind on both sides. Those that refuse to participate under those guidelines will be removed or blocked. You can have an opposing view, and I encourage that as it is from what opposition that education can be obtained. But, the whole point is to open dialogue and discussion. Disrespect, vitriol, malice – these will not be tolerated. Look at it like you are visiting someone’s home and are participating in a discussion within that house. This is my house. You may not agree with me and I’m alright with that. But you will be respectful, and all claims need to be substantiated with fact-driven proof. Opinions need to be promoted as such, as I will do as well.






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