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No More Excuses

I happen to be a Walt Disney World Annual Passholder. I love it. I’ve saved easily close to $2000 this year alone with it in part because, since I have a pass and going only costs gas effectively, I go a LOT more than I would were I not to have it. That being said, being a passholder has serious perks. I get free parking, which, with parking being $17 a day PER PARK if you’re not smart can add up. You get 10% off at certain merchant locations and that can add up too. Plus you can get discounts on booking rooms and other events. One of the nice perks about being an annual passholder is that you also get early pre-registration for events like the runDisney events!

The BIG runDisney event is the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend in January. It fills up super fast, so having a proverbial leg up on being able to get your registration in can be a huge perk. Today happened to be early registration for annual passholders for said weekend!

Now, I’m no where ready to run a marathon, or even a half marathon BUT I am already registered for the Happy Haunted 5k during the Tower of Terror 10-Miler weekend in October. I thought to myself that a 10k shouldnt be too much more difficult in three more months, now could it? And this year just so happens to be the inaugural year for the 10k at WDW Marathon Weekend. Coincidence? I think not!

Therefore, yours truly is now registered for the 10k that very weekend.

This also means that yours truly needs to get off her soft flattened butt and start kicking it into gear! How? Well, I’m going to start running whenever I possibly can. Eating better and hopefully starting some strength training again. I have not one, but two races to train for now.



5 Miles DOWN!

So yesterday I decided to take my first outside run. Of course, I planned this on a day where training wise, I should be running 5 miles. Not a 5k, but -5 miles-.

I wasnt sure in which direction around my home I was going to go, but I somehow managed it. Around the 5K mark I considered calling it a day since I was close enough to home that I could, but I really wanted to see if I could go the goal and in what time.

I’m rather stubborn that way.

I pushed on through the heat and sweat and soreness I felt setting in to my legs.

AND I DID IT! Even more importantly to me, I did it while still maintaining an average page of 12.57 minutes per mile. If I can do this at 5 miles, I can certainly do it at a 5k!

Thanks to my trusty Nike App, I knew where I was and how I was doing.

Thanks to my trusty Nike App, I knew where I was and how I was doing.

Then it was off to EPCOT center to visit with some family that’s in town and beat my body up some more.  Plus, it was some good testing for how race day is likely to be once it rolls around. 🙂

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