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The Post 5-Miler Check-In

I know I’ve been posting about running a lot lately, but in addition to school, work, and family, its what is occupying a lot of my time and attention!

I was never one to run. Running was for life-saving only activities and even in high school, when we needed to run a mile for the Presidential whatever…I refused. If I didnt clock a mile in under whatever the approved time was so be it.

Then I got hooked on running a few years ago by using the Couch to 5K training plan. It was easy enough that I didnt feel like I was literally hitting the ground running, but successive enough that I could see real results.

Life, however, got in the way and I fell off the treadmill. I also gained roughly 30 pounds. Pounds which I’ve been relentlessly trying to loose. I’m in my ┬ámid-30’s though and loosing the weight now is a lot harder than when I was in my 20’s.

I overdid it yesterday between my run, trying out such a long run for my first outdoor excursion and then meeting up with family at Disney.

My legs are beyond sore, my hips hurt and I think I managed to give myself shin splints. I also think I need different shoes for my outside run compared to my treadmill sprints.

I may have to skip my run tomorrow in lieu of giving my making sure that I rest properly.


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